The Chrysosporium species are imperfect filamentous fungi belonging to the class Deuteromycetes. Some perfect forms (sexual) are known and belong to the class Ascomycetes (Aphanoascus, Nannizziopsis, Phanerochaete, Uncinocarpus). This genus comprises about twenty species, of which some are keratinophiles.

The granular colonies are woolly, cottony or plates, usually creamy white, yellow or light brown. The conidiophores are poorly differentiated. Unicellular and hyaline conidia, with a truncated base and a warty or thick wall, are produced in short chains, terminal (aleurioconidies) or intermediate (arthroconidies).

The Chrysosporiums are commonly isolated from soil, plants, birds and manure. Some species are occasionally involved in hyalohyphomycoses and human infections of the nails and foot lesions. The Chrysosporiums have a significant industrial interest in the production of vanillin.


List of species