The Aureobasidium species are imperfect filamentous fungi belonging to the class Deuteromycetes. The perfect form belongs to the class Ascomycetes (Discosphaerina). This genus includes about 15 phytopathogenic species.

Viscous colonies or yeast aspect are first cream to plae pink, then become brownish-black with age. There is no differentiated conidiophore. The unicellular and hyaline conidia are formed directly from hyphae or on short branching, by budding in group or synchronously.

The Aureobasidiums are cosmopolitan and ubiquitous, most of which are phytopathogenic or pathogenic. Some species are involved in type I and II allergies, while others are responsible for skin or lung infections, peritonitis, meningitis, etc. Aureobasidiums may colonize the skin, hair and nails, but diseases are rare and limited in general. Aureobasidiums are of significiant industrial interests in the synthesis of pullulan, a biodegradable polysaccharide used for food preservation and textile preparation.

List of species