The Curvularia species are imperfect filamentous fungi belonging to the class Deuteromycetes. Perfect forms (sexual) belong to the class Ascomycetes (Cochlibolus). This genus includes some 35 phytopathogenic or saprophytic species that cause diseases on growing plant and are grouped under the term curvulariose.

Their fast-growing powdery colonies are brown to black. The conidiophores are solitary or in groups, simple or branched and produce dark and curved conidia which are transversely septate with swollen and darker median cells.

The Curvularia are ubiquitous, cosmopolitan, and more common in tropical and subtropical zones, particularly on the grass plants. More than 18 species are parasites of rice. The Curvularia species are allergenic and are involved in type I allergies. They are also implicated in cases of allergic bronchopulmonary pulmonary mycoses (sinusitis, endocarditis, brain abscess or mycetoma).


List of species